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Granpal Mega - biomass boilers.

These boilers are offered in the power range from 0,8 MW to 7,0 MW. 

The constructions of our boilers have been developed on the basis of many years of cooperation with companies from Scandinavia.

Our boilers successfully work in many European countries: Poland, Denmark, Germany, France and Great Britain.


Granpal Mega are boilers with a horizontal movable grate, cooled by water and air. Thanks to this technology, we eliminate the slag formation process in the combustion chamber.


Granpal Mega boilers are equipped with complete automation that allows you to control the operation of the entire system from the moment of feeding fuel from the storage to the boiler through its combustion, to removing ash and removing flue gas.


Our boilers allow the combustion of seasonal (one-year) biomass such as: cereal grain (e.g. oats), straw pellets, shredded straw.

We offer different kinds of boilers designed for burning various biomass, such as:

- wood chips,

- shredded wood waste,

- wood pellets,

- straw pellets,

- cereal grain (e.g. oats),

- production wastes (np. fruits seeds, sunflower husks, nuts shells, etc...),

- shredded straw.

  Boiler automation  


Automation of the boiler allows to control the combustion process at any time, from feeding fuel, through combustion, to removing ash and flue gas.

Use of an oxygen meter with a lambda probe enables very efficient and economical fuel combustion.

Permanent monitoring of all devices allows full control of the system operation, and boiler control and information on any alarms can be sent remotely.

Kotły na biomasę - szafa sterowania


Standard equipment of the Granpal Mega biomass boiler:

  • base of boiler with moving was iron grate cooled by water and air;

  • hydraulic actuator of grate;

  • ash scrapper;

  • hydraulic actuator of ash scrapper;

  • hydraulic station;

  • ceramic lining of the combustion chamber;

  • part of boiler with heat exchanger (horizontal smoke tubes with turbulators);

  • primary air blow fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • secondary air fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • exhausted gases fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • conveyor feeding fuel to combustion chamber with back fire protection (stoker or pusher);

  • motor-gear of conveyor feeding fuel to combustion chamber;

  • rotary star feeder;

  • motor-gear of rotary star feeder;

  • ash removing conveyor;

  • motor-gear of ash removing conveyor;

  • ash container;

  • boiler automation:

    • control cabinet;

    • controller with touch panel 7’’ (Siemens);

    • controller software with visualization of the system operation on the controller panel;

    • inverter of primary air fan;

    • inverter of secondary air fan;

    • inverter of exhausted gases fan;

    • safety thermostat;

    • boiler water level probe (SPW-1);

    • minimum boiler water pressure controller;

    • minimum water pressure controller in back fire protection system;

    • vacuum controller;

    • oxygen analyser with lambda probe;

    • optical fuel level sensor;

    • temperature sensors;

    • induction sensors;

    • remote control of boiler system operation.


  Example drawings 

kotły na pellet - schemat 3 MW
Wood chips biomass boiler system:

Example drawing.

kotły na zrębki - schemat układu
Pellets biomass boiler system:

Example drawing.

kotły na pellet - schemat układu
Shredded straw biomass boiler system:

Example drawing.

kotły na słomę - schemat układu
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