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We offer complete systems for industrial drying of biomass and other materials. The set of drying equipment offered by us consists of a modern furnace or boiler intended for combustion of various biomass, fuel feeding systems for the furnace, dryer, exhausted gases cleaning system and air mixing chamber, material feeding system for drying.

Drum dryers:

Our drum driers, thanks to their high efficiency and high versatility, are great for industrial drying of wet sawdust, wood chips, peat and other various types of biomass or other materials. The construction of the drying room allows their operation in the open area, under the necessary roofing, which, however, does not require special, significant investment outlays.

Our dryers are particularly recommended for drying post-production waste in industrial distilleries and fruit and vegetable processing plants for drying various types of pomace for fodder, and in the case of centrifuged decoction for high-protein dried decoction, an ingredient of concentrated feed for animals.

Suszarnia bębnowa Granpal
Suszarnia bębnowa - panel sterowania
Suszarnia bębnowa

  Example drawings 

Suszarnia - schemat
Suszarnia biomasy
Suszarnia - piec
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