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Steam boilers - Granpal

Steam output in the range from 0.15 t / h to 10.8 t / h, pressure from 6 to 20 bar.

We offer modern biomass steam boilers that are equipped with a water and air cooled grate.

Advanced automation allows you to control the entire boiler operation process from the moment of feeding fuel from the storage through combustion, to removal of ash and flue gas. Modern, automatic desalination and desludging systems allow to significantly extend the life of the boiler.


We steam boilers designed to burn:

  • biomass with moisture content up to 25%, such as: wood pellets, straw pellets, cereal grains (eg. oats), post-production waste (eg. fruit seeds, nut shells, sunflower husks),

  • biomass with moisture content up to 50%, such as: wood chips, sawdust, shredded wood waste

  • shredded straw with moisture content up to 25%.



Standard equipment of the Granpal steam boiler:

  • base of boiler with moving was iron grate cooled by water and air;

  • hydraulic actuator of grate;

  • ash scrapper;

  • hydraulic actuator of ash scrapper;

  • hydraulic station;

  • ceramic lining of the combustion chamber;

  • steam generator, part of boiler with heat exchanger (horizontal smoke tubes with turbulators);

  • primary air blow fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • secondary air fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • exhausted gases fan (smooth automatic speed control);

  • conveyor feeding fuel to combustion chamber with back fire protection (stoker or pusher);

  • motor-gear of conveyor feeding fuel to combustion chamber;

  • rotary star feeder;

  • motor-gear of rotary star feeder;

  • ash removing conveyor;

  • motor-gear of ash removing conveyor;

  • ash container;

  • boiler automation:

    • control cabinet;

    • inverter of primary air fan;

    • inverter of secondary air fan;

    • inverter of exhaust gases fan;

    • controller with colorful touch panel (Siemens);

    • software of the boiler controller with visualization of the system;

    • probe of water level SPT-1 (2 pcs.);

    • safety thermostat;

    • safety pressure controller (2 pcs.);

    • pressure controller;

    • under pressure controller;

    • over pressure controller;

    • water level probe;

    • mimum water pressure controller of back fire protection;

    • vacum controller;

    • oxygen analyser with lambda probe;

    • temperature sensor inside combustion chamber;

    • optical fuel level sensor;

    • temperature sensor (4 pcs.);

    • signal column;

    • induction sensors (4 pcs.);

    • switch;

    • remote control of the boiler.

  Example drawings 

Steam boiler - Granpal

Example scheme.

Kocioł parowy Granpal
Heat exchanger of steam boiler:

Steam generator

generator pary
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